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Televisions & Smart Boxes


Your television is one of the most used devices in your home. There is a lot to choose from and it's becoming more complex over time. You can now choose from 4K high resolution or just not worry about it but you are going to probably be buying a smart TV now even if you dont want it!

We can help simplify things and make things work for you.

Smart Boxes

You can now do everything better from a Smart Box.

They range from the Amazon Fire TV, Google Chrome Cast and other devices like the Apple and Google TV services. 

Our favourite is the Nvidia Shield, they are expensive but do the job properly. They come with the ability to play games and provide so much more than your TV's built in capabilities.

Sound Systems

New Televistions are great, as in the pictures you get are ammazing. But they all lack in quality of sound due to the fact that they are very thin and good sound comes from larger speakers. A sound bar is an ideal solution for most people but a proper HiFi would be ideal.

With years of experience with this we can help compliment your existing setup perfectly.