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WiFi and Networks

WiFi Problems

The most common problem for WiFi connection issues is the location of the router. You can try to solve this yourself by placing the router in the center of your house. If this is not something you can do then we can help by running an extention cable to a suitable location and setting up the router in a place where you will cover the whole property.

In certain cases when this still does not fix the problem then we can use WiFi signal checking software to locate the black spots and install an Access Point for better coverage.

WiFI Mesh Solutions

If you have a large property then one WiFi box will never be enough to cover the whole property.

A WiFi Mesh solution is a perfect solution for this. The network runs as if it was one WiFi but can cover an entire building no matter how large it is.

We'd be happy to quote you for this solution. It's great for places like B&B's or large houses where all roooms must have great WiFi to keep your users happy.


We can fix issues and install new networks into your property.

With reels of ethernet cables and crimps we are able to install a neat and tidy network that can span over hundreds of meters. This can be used along with a Mesh to also supply WiFi along with a cable connection for PCs.

Sometimes your internet connection might be running slow. The router and phone line can be the problem. Call us if you would like us to take a look and locate the issue for you.